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Powerlifting, Powerlifting, rah, rah, rah!

Well, at the moment I'm pretty exhausted muscularly, and I just slugged down a huge 134 gram protein shake(910 calories), so I may also be suffering from momentary anoxia! The past few days have gone like this:

Ran the usual. Still remains an unknown distance. I keep forgetting to drive it on the way home from work to determine its actual length. I also did knife,ridge,spear,punch,kick drills on the heavy bag. A 25x2split. My diet wasn't terrible, but wasn't very great either. I also succame to weakness and ate BK for dinner, had a whopper meal.

Did a decent muscular workout:
3x10 Goodmornings
" " Benchpresses
" " Military presses
" " Bicep Curls
3x20 Weighted Situps

Went over to my sparring partner's house and did the following:
Padwork. Worked combinations, if I remember correctly; jab-cross-jab, jab-cross-lead hook, jab-jab-cross-uppercut.
Sparred. The session was shorter than the last time(before winter) only about 30 minute. But I was happy(ish) with my performance. I backed up less, circled more, but was decently ellusive. I landed little, my parter remains as ellusive as I remember, but also still has 2 inches of reach that makes me wary. I was happy with a lead leg roundhouse I threw that he evaded, just barely and got caught on the shoulder. It was a cool moment of, "Dude did I just kick you in the shoulder?" "Yup" "Damn! That was close, haha!"
We also worked clinch and takedowns. I was surprised by just how ignorant I am in the clinch, though I managed some kind of weird arm lock I've never seen. In the takedown section I managed a pretty nice hip toss into side control. I think with some more practice I could be decently good at takedowns. Suffice to say, all the TD session made me want to do was practice it more!

Powerlifting. Did some research and build a nice but sort of smallish powerlifting routine to try and build some more strength. I lacked the ability on 4/7 to perform a solid double-leg IMO and I never want that issue to arise again. Also since I lack a lot of the technique for groundfighting I want to build strength to compensate until the technical ability catches up.
The routine is as follows:
Sets x Reps
8x8 @ 60% 1 minte rest between sets
Approx 5 minute interval between workouts for weight change and rest.
Shoulder Presses
3x5 @ 50% 1 minute rest between sets
Approx 5 minute interval between workouts for weight change and rest
Bent Over Rows
3x12 @ 50% 1 minute rest between sets
Approx 5 minute interval between workouts for weight change and rest
4x5 2@50% 2@60% 1 minute interval between sets

All in all it was a nice workout. I'm hurting pretty badly, I think mostly from the pace. I think that after another two or three more workouts like this one, I'll be okay with the timing. Then its a matter of developing that coveted perfect strength:size:speed ratio.

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