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Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
I'm on pulse right now farming for CP, the big groups of Flans are great beacause I don't risk dieing at all and they die farily easy... unless they merge before i can kill them and turn into a monsterous flan then it gets a little harder...

I really wish getting gil was easier too, shops are basically useless in the game..

also i want to kill one of those giant dinosaur looking turtle things... i saved my game and then tried to kill one and he literally did like 9999 damage to me via stomping the crap out of everyone.

Try going to the very North, by the Behemoth by the save point. There are a Behemoth further down and some other giant wolf thing I can't remember the name of fighting. You *always* get a pre-emptive against them so you should be able to get quick free battles and some decent CP.

Bahaha The Adamantoises are awesome. Wait until you beat a few certain Ceith missions and they turn into Long Gui and Shao Long Gui. Those things are beast. Even with a fully maxed party those things can destroy you un prepared. Bay = the most over powered attack ever. Can't remember how many times a Shao Long owned me with Bay when I was farming for Dark Matter.

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