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you will get a premtive attack when you go to the area he suggested, just focus everyone on the behemoth to start off with you should have him dead in seconds before he can ammount any kind of attack.

farming for gil with not beating the giant turtles after you reach gran pulse would be an area you have not got to yet sadley to say. and i dont want to tell you where for it will mess with the story line for you so just do this when you come across enemies called sacrifices farm them they will drop perfumes and a few at a time (each one worth over 10,000) I maxed out quite a few weapons farming these guys before i could beat the big turtles. also you could try fighting the baby turtles they drop gold dust whih is worth a bit too,
always have a collectors catalog and conisuers catalog equipped when farming for gil though

The ******* Gui's are ghey I just reached them last night, I still cant figure out how to beat them but hopefully i will in time, sad thing is they took over the big turtles i usually farmed so know i have to teleport back to the area right before the sacrifices to find a good number of teh turtles.

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