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Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
I tried fight one of the behemoths but as soon as it stood up it fracking killed me
Just go back when you're a bit stronger, with a pre-empt and a strong enough party you can defeat both within seconds. Make sure to keep the Behemoth launched so he can't power up

Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Oh my god THIS!

Hope is such a whiney little emo douche... "BAWWWWW My mommy died now im lost in the word *hangs head and sobs*" "BAWWWWW I can't do this "

And it's not like he's whiney during cutscenes or anything. This game has ambient dialog so he's bitching and moaning when you're just walking around. I wanted to slap him so ******* hard >:[
He's the worst character in a video game ever. Until he calms down at least. 'boo hoo hoo SNOW OMG.. wait no I won't say anything yet...' then he literally whoops a boomerang out of his ass. It's terrible

Originally Posted by M_D View Post
The ******* Gui's are ghey I just reached them last night, I still cant figure out how to beat them but hopefully i will in time, sad thing is they took over the big turtles i usually farmed so know i have to teleport back to the area right before the sacrifices to find a good number of teh turtles.
They are extremely hard yeah. You need tortoise for them, nearly every time they attack. I found the Shao longs much harder. But, then I only beat one Long Gui for the Trophy/Achievment. If you only want to beat it the once like I did, I suggest using a summon to buckle his legs, debuff him and buff party, kick shit out of him for a bit then when he gets back up use an Elixer to regain TP and do it again. He should fall to during the 2nd Stagger period if you use Tri Disaster to get him up to 999, then Cerebus after with the 3 Genji gloves equipped.

To get more Elixers as well just upgrade a docters code (you can get 4 of them I think) to max(only 200exp), then dismantle it. You get 3 Shrouds and an Elixer when you do this. Much more with while as regaining TP can save your ass against the tougher enemies.

I farmed Adamantortoises before I completed the Gran Pulse 'Ceith Circle' of missions. So I was quite lucky. Dark Matters do drop more often than Traps it seems though, I got my 5-6 Dark Matters in one-two hours of farming Shao Longs (and I died... Alot...)

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