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DAY 1:
10 minutes cardio........
Barbell clean and press 10x2 110lbs
curl grip chins 10x5 20lb plate
medium grip bench press 5x5 155lbs
deadlifts 5x5 did not do 5x5 but but done reps of 5x 130lbs,3x220,1x310,1x330wrist curls 4x12 35lbs
military press 5x5 did not do this felt a bit dizzy so waited a few mins and moved straight onto B.BELL SHRUGS
barbell shrugs 5x10 260lbs
ABDOMINAL WORK(emphasis on obliques)-done side crunches 4 sets of 20 either side!

have stuck to my diet as of yet,moving onto meal 4 in a minute

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