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Flock of Seagulls

Alright, at the moment I'm sitting here, getting ready for work but I haven't written in this thing in a little while so I thought I'd put some stuff down. I've been eating somewhat better. That is...less reliance on processed garbage and soda-pop! I wish it was zero reliance, but I'm not there yet and everytime I've ever tried cold turkey, its been epic fail.

My training over the past few is as follows:

Went out with my friends late as ****, wanted to run, but was too mentally tired to get my fat ass moving.

Powerlifting. I altered the previous powerlifting workout to be more logical in its design. Since the previous workout was more geared towards hypertrophy than powerlifting. It is now as follows:
Bench Press 5x5 @ 80% 1 minute between sets.
Approx fve minute between workouts for weight change and rest.
Shoulder Presses 4x5 @ 80% 1 minute between sets.
Approx five minutes between workouts for weight change and rest.
Deadlifts 4x5 @ 80% 1 minute between sets.
Approx 5 minutes between workouts for weight change.

I wanted to do bent over rows as well, but my form is imperfect with deadlifts and I wasn't sure my back could handle the strain.

I ran. I ran so far away-ayay, couldn't get away. Sorry that had to happen! But I ran the usual distance as well as determined its length to be 1.3 miles. Which is less than I would have hoped, but on 11 I ran a greater percentage than ever before, which made me feel much better. I had taken the dog with me on the run, and he got tired before me!

Bodyweight training. I know that body weight training is exceedingly important, in that it complements powerlifting by providing a certain level of hypertrophy, but provides a huge benefit to muscular endurance. That workout is as follows:
Bicycle Crunches 4x30(per knee, 60 total)
Wallsits 4x30sec full 90 degree recline.
Squat Thrusts 4x10
Pushups(mod) 4x20
Side Jumps 4x20(per leg, 40 total)
I am finding that while I am becoming stronger and more endured. My actual fighting technique is lessening, so I believe I am going to be adding bagwork to all of these workouts for the sake of at least making sure my technique rises in a decently even ratio to my strength.

Epic Fail on the run. Went drinkin' and eatin' out with the friends and was too tired and in belly discomfort(technical term for all you medical peeps)to really care I did nothing.

I did some heavy bag work, not as much as I should have considering 13's weak performance. I ended up having to work until 11 and walk home so my feet were a little raw and calloused from by boots so I said ****you to everything and just watched the TUF rerun at 12.

All in all not bad, but the last two days have been absolute BS. I have to get my blobby ass moving!
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