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Your Favorite

Okay wow Standup is so dead the doornails are more alive! I have wondered what makes people make certain decisions concerning their choices of art. So I present these questions to the entire forum(or at least those few who patrol Standup).

What is your personal favorite Martial Art. Why is it your favorite?

What is your favorite Martial Arts philosphy(if you have one)?

What martial art(s) do you study and, again, why?

My personal favorite Martial Art is Shotokan Karate. I love the organized process Funakoshi set down as well as the deep stances, powerful strikes and body conditioning.

My favorite Martial Arts philosophy is currently in flux. A week ago, I would have said The 20 Precepts of Shotokan Karate. But after a week of reading the Tao of Jeet Kune Do I don't know how I feel considering so much of the Tao makes perfect sense to me, and the same goes for the Precepts.

I currently study Shotokan Karate, as well as kickboxing. Kickboxing, because it is an art that doesn't require significant coaching to learn, as well as I'm not horrendous at it. Shotokan...I'm not sure why, its just what I want to learn.

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