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ProWrasslin' shouldn't be compared to other sports, I personally think of it as something along the lines of goind to a play, going to the circus etc.

It's not an athletic competition, it's an athletic display. Because of this I'll be honest and say that damn I have a lot of respect for some of those guys getting tossed around 250-300 days a year, just a grueling scheduele.

People in that business get consumed because of the time they spend on the road, away from home. And when it the time comes to hang up the boots, a lot of them have a hard time actually doing it. Look at Ric Flair, got the greatest sendoff into retirement possible and yet he only lasted somewhere around a year before coming back (Albeit in another company). And he's a old dude who should be filling the role of grandfather.

But to sum up, i respect pro wrestlers because of the sacrifices they make that the majority of the public aren't aware of. They give huge parts of their lives to entertain and nothing else. Like it or not.

But that's just my 2 cents.
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