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Originally Posted by k2monster View Post

this made me laugh out loud, seriously now folks is the WWE more "sophisticated" than mixed martial arts?

Sure the WWE was entertaining 10 years ago when we were half our age, but get your head out the clouds, how can you compare the fakest show on cable television to the realest sport in the world?

let me know what you guys think
Taking contracts out of the equation, I think WWE is more sophisticated than MMA, as in the WWE, the interviews have to be scripted, the matches contain choreographed fight sequences, they have to work out what dude is gonna spring up from under the ring to smack another with a chair, whilst wearing a skin tight spandex costume chosen by a fashion designer in addition to searching for the best fireworks in the business.

Whereas in MMA, the fighters dress themselves, the fighting is REAL and the talk is REAL, there is a lot less pre-planning involved in regard to the action we see fight night.

Sophisticated yes, more exciting f*** no.
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