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Originally Posted by Saenchai View Post
my favorite is muay thai...well the reason for it is cus i like brutality, power and most important of all, everything goes so there's much more combinations you can throw at your oponent than you can at some other known stand up martial art..for example, in karate i'm not sure but i don't think you have knees and elbows included and that's the reason i prefer muay thai over karate...or taekwondo, they're limited to legs only and punches to body (WTF version) .. not to mention that any of these sports don't even include proper clinching...i have a friend who trains TKD and we were just talking about clinching the other day and he was trying to convince me that they have clinching which he was right about, they do have em but that's not a real clinch for me..even k-1 clinching aint the real deal if you ask me...once you get thrown in the corner by your oponent and get an elbow rain into your face than you'll know what clinching is ... all in all, if i could explain muay thai in other words i'd call it "stand up mma"

my other standing art that i also train and like alot is boxing...boxing is a great thing to know and definetly pretty usefull nowadays especially if you're into sports like k-1, mma or'll probably ask me why'd i train muay thai and boxing if you alredy learn how to punch @ muay thai's simple, you learn how to punch at muay thai classes but training hands only for 2 hours ain't the same as mixing it with legs, knees and elbows for 2 hours...first, the combinations will be totally oposite of eachother if you mix it up at muay thai classes ofcourse...2nd, a guy with 20 years of boxing will teach you better technique when it comes to throwing punches than the guy who trained muay thai for 20 years; i've figured it out when a muay thai coach was replacing the boxing trainer's nothing alike :P ... also the reason of why i train boxing, well it's mainly speed and power in both left and a kid i was watching mike tyson aloooot (well who didn't ) so i had this weird dream of being just like him you know...punching a guy so hard and fast he wont see it coming but yet it will knock him out cold...ok i'm not mike tyson heh but my speed and power in hands improved thanks to boxing so my goal is partialy completed (partialy is there because i wanna be even faster and stronger) so yeah i'd advice all of you out there to pick any of the 2 sports i counted, you wont regret it...

for the end, if i offended anyone with my post i appologize for it, i didn't mean too...i haven't trained other stand up martial arts than muay thai and boxing so i know what benefits will those provide but that doesn't mean i disrespect other martial arts, i respect every single one of them (even drunken boxing, which is funny though! ) so don't get me wrong if i criticized TKD and karate, both are great and include some great things that muay thai doesn't but like i said i prefer muay thai and the reasons written above are just my personal opinion, just as everyone else has the right to state his/her personal opinions so no flaming please..

peace n luv!
I agree with you, if you've been to Lumpinii, and Rajadmnern stadium watched the fight, trained in Thailand and watched Buakaw Por Pramuk, Rammon Dekkers, Yodsenklai Fairtex and others, no stand up compares to these as I theep or sod(elbow) them in the face,lol. But I respect every other stand up technique, but love BJJ also on the ground.
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