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Originally Posted by BJJ-team View Post
no i am disputing the fact that GB in Vancouver is mcdojo in Vancouver

3 months to get blue belt

as a matter of fact GB has stated in their guidelines they will be instituting blue belts after 3 months and they will incorporate different color belts

this will star to be a common occurrence with GB in the next couple of years
You're are an absolute fool. if you think that Gracie Barra Vancouver is a Mcdojo, keep thinking that, and remember dont feel bad when you're looking next to you and the guy's hand is being raised, and they turn and you see a Gracie Barra patch on their back.

And giving out blue belts in 3 months? lol ya ****in right. Why don't you pop in to Gracie Barra Vancouver and express your concerns that they're a McDojo? Why don't you ask Tim Shears if he gives out blue belts in 3 months? he'll laugh in your ****in face. One of our top coaches is amazing and competes constantly, he received his purple belt after five years with us. So please dont talk shit when you dont have a ****in clue of what you're talking about. I guess when Braulio Estima trained with us in January he thought we we're a McDojo as well? or Maybe when Renzo does seminars with us he thinks the same. Dont be a fool.

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