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New job.. and totally new training routine. I now have a fairly normal 9-5ish job where i am very active so all my training is at night and i dont feel like im sitting around all day. I started to take ab training much more seriously after getting punched in the stomach by a girl and it fauken hurt. My abs got a lot softer than i realized(also less fat in the way now lol)

also just weighed in at 215.5(about 25% BF) and feeling great. i come`

Im trying not to have a "day of the week" for certain workouts, so i just break them down based on how i feel and what i trained the day before or how sore i am. I will list them in numbers that dont go in any certain order. Also adopted a totally new cardio/conditioning plan, kickin my butt so far.

Also after all these workouts except the grappling days i work focus mits and kicks with my friend as a little more cardio/technique/cool down towards the end. But i still need a lot more technique training and maybe a dedicated muay thai class

day 1 - 5x5 min intense kickboxing rounds, 10-15 mins of focus mits, then to the gym for lats/back and tabata and lighter duty cardio
5 regular pull ups
5 arch pull ups
5 chin ups
5 wide grip pull ups although i cant usually finish these
4x10 dumbell rows
4x10 seated rows

day 2 - Legs and abs
Believe my friend borrowed this from a brock lesnar workout
4x6 narrow stance squats
4x6 normal squats
4x6 wide stance squats
leg extensions and curls

4x20 weighted crunches
3x15 knee ups with medicine ball
4x10 medicine ball snaps, 2 left and 2 right
3x20 seated cable crunches
3x20 diagonal/twist cable pulls
3x20 back crunches

day 3/4 (is always weds and friday cause thats when the classes are)
No gi grappling class(also has ab workouts and pretty good cardio)
4x10 bench press
3x10 incline dumbell press
3x10 narrow grip decline
5x10 butterflies
3x10 tricep pull downs

day 5/6 - cardio/circuit training. about an hour. totally dead after this(i will include the entire list later on)

way too much stuff to list so ill simplify it
lots of body weight squats with jumping jacks in between
lots of pushups in different stances, judo, diamond, normal, etc
lots of jumping/agility workouts(burpees with pull ups, lateral bounds, etc)

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