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Originally Posted by Hawndo View Post
In this fight one of two things was happening, Reid's career would be brutally ended in the cage or he was pulling out.

Sucks for Kong but very sensibly move on Reid's part, saved himself some destruction.

To make this work for him he needed one of 2 things to happen

1) To win by whatever
2) to take make a war of this and last 5 rounds and then lose

Punching dwayne bowers is one thing but its alot different when your fighting a genuine fighter. Reid is running around the world trying to learn obscure m,artial arts might be good tv but dude it doesnt bode well at the expense of a genuine fiight camp.

Sonnen On the spider
ďIf he wants to leave the division, leave the sport, who cares, Beat it, nobody tunes in to watch him anyways, and his little fake ĎI donít speak English.

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