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Squats 6,6,6 @ 255lbs
Deadlifts 6,6,6 @ 265lbs
DB Bench 6,5,3 @ 90lbs
Weighted Chin Ups 6,6,5 @ b/w+25lbs

AB Complex
Weighted Twist Crunch 20@45lbs
Decline Reverse Crunch 15@b/w
Cable Crunch 20@75kgs
AB Plank 2:05

Heavybag 3x3:00 rounds
Jabs, 1-2's, 1-2-3's.

Stopped 2 rounds short of last week's 5, felt exhausted and I'm pretty convinced that I've got a little fracture in my left shin so I'm not kicking today.

Added to DB Bench, don't think I've done sets of 90 before, and it showed with some early failure. Good day but I felt exhausted halfway into the workout. I feel nauseous at random times and often I'll get real dizzy when pushing myself. I also feel real tired and spaced out all the time except during and right after a workout. I'm in week 3 of the drug I'm trying out and things should start coming into effect very shortly, hopefully I cN train more/harder.

Got my ear drained again but it keeps filling up, looks like it'll be a weekly routine, the doctor wouldn't give me any large syringes to do it myself, and the pharmacies only carry insulin syringes that are too thin to be effective.

I got an opponenet. No name, but he's from Prince George where I'll be fighting.

A couple guys from my gym are fighting tonight in Vernon, wish I could see Kamryn and Darwin's fight, but I can't justify the expense right now.

My training partner returns from his couple months at tiger muay thai in Phuket. He's been training his striking hard so he'll be in awesome shape now and able to push me. We're already formulating how we're taking our training to the next level once he gets back to it next week, should be good.

Weight's at 215lbs.
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