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Originally Posted by down4thecount
Tyson had a great career that started to go down hill.

What I can't figure out is this "legend" status that follows Ken Shamrock.
Seriously people...What has he done in mma?

Lets take a quick look.....
UFC 1 he beats Patrick Smith and loses to Royce
UFC 3 he beats Leninger and then can't continue
UFC 5 he fights Royce to a draw (Someone half his size)
UFC 6 he beats Severn for the Superfight (That was not bad)
UFC 7 he fights Oleg to a draw
UFC 8 he beats a one dimensional Kimo. (Who he later beats again)
UFC 9 he dances with Severn and loses his Superfight title
Ultimate '96 he beats Johnston and can't continue.....again!
Later he gases and loses to Fujita
He gets pounded by Don Frye
He gets dismantled by Ortiz
He gets KO'd by Franklin
He gets KO'd by Sakuraba
He gets beat by Ortiz....Again!

The guy has NEVER won a tournament in the UFC.

Where does his legend come in at??
People shiver in fear when they hear "The worlds most dangerous man"
That was a title that HE GAVE HIMSELF!!!

Ask Sakuraba if he's the Worlds most dangerous man.

Ken Shamrock = Mike Tyson....NO!!!
Try Ken Shamrock = Harold Howard or maybe Joe Son
But that's about it.

To be honest...I'm NOT a Shamrock hater!!!
I was actually hoping that he would beat Tito.
But the fact is he has a losing mma record!
Where's the legend in that???

With that kind of record....I guess they should make Tiki a legend as well!
I agree 1000% He really and truly hasnt done much, he never was that good.
As we all know this whole thing is about money, Ken Shamrock is very well known, he is easy to market so that is why they call him a "legend" but I am with you man, I disagree.
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