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I need some advice

I am looking to step inside a ring for a debut fight to see how far I have come.

Currently I weigh 170-72.5 pounds at 5'11" with less than 10% body-fat. I have been an athlete for nearly all my life.

So far I know I want to utilize a stand-up game of heavy hand-strikes, elbows,knees and leg-strikes. I have some background in wrestling.

Back in January I decided to cut myself into shape. For the last two months I have been working myself past what my mind tells me I can do. My workout philosophy is pretty simple and straight-forward: "If I do a set of heavy days I better be feeling the workout pain during the night and at least 2 days after if not I did nothing beneficial".

I have a regimen where I do a Monday & Tuesday as my heaviest days. Whatever I do on Monday I force my body to do double the next day.

Like most men looking into this sport I have very little cash to devote to equipment. Right now I use a 80 pound weight in a back-pack for dual-armed curls along with a 40-pound bag of rock-salt. Last weekend I picked up a body-bag which will be hung later today. Sadly this is all I can say I have for training materials.

During my 1st week I did 360 lifts of 40-pounds dual-armed curl, 125 diamond push-ups, 75 regular push-ups, 150 40-pound crunches, 10 160-pound front-squats, and 1.5 minutes of (holding the 40-pound bag on my ankles in a crunch position) this was Monday only.

My 2nd week I moved up to the 80-pound lift for curls put in 125 on Monday and 250 Tuesday along with the fore-mentioned lifts.

In my 3rd & 4th weeks I did my regular body workouts in addition to high-count crunches, my lowest count during those 14-days was 800 crunches un-weighted and my single best day was 1800.

I was rather stupid during the 4th week, I didn't use correct form on my curls and messed up my left wrist, now 4 weeks later it is healed.

This portion wraps up the 1st month. I focused on punch-endurance with ankle weights on the wrists.

I have found that the punch-endurance takes a fair amount of time to re-coup least 4-6 days.

I worked on that endurance plus alongside of my body-workouts one week I did a push-up kick and did 800 one night.

Now with the 2nd month ending I am focusing on forming a solid wall of muscle in my core. Last night I did 500 full sit-ups.

Sorry if you do not care for bios, but I wanted to share what I have done and see what can be improved.

Any criticism would be great thank you for your time.
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