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Originally Posted by CFT_Ian View Post
Well it sounds like you are in pretty great shape.


You don't mention any cardio.

Get some technical training as well. This lifting and working out you do is all well and good. Until you step into the ring/cage against a guy who has worked out and combines it with actual MMA technical training. Knowing how you want to fight, and being skilled and trained enough to dictate that fight will be fought like that, are not the same thing.

I'm pretty sure most anyone here would agree with that. If you are serious about it then get trained, and work your cardio.
I totally agree here. A good order of importance the way I see it:

1. - Technique (muay thai, bjj, boxing, wrestling, whatever)
2. - Cardio (anaerobic, aerobic, and general endurance training)
3. - Explosiveness and agility training (power lifts, sprints, bounds, all kinds of jumping and take down workouts)
4. - Abs/core (gotta work on your armor. And its also a HUGE kinetic link between your body)

Either way, it sounds like you definitely have the motivation to go far in whatever you attempt. I like to think of myself as the same way

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