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Originally Posted by JeremyB View Post
Another thing since trainning, when i walk my hands feel loose, fluid, and sometimes stop moving and when that happens it lets me know there may be danger. I also been having to constantly look around my surroundings and it seems hard to walk around when i dont lol. I guess i have really heightended sence of awareness. Also when i walk next to a road and car approaches my hand likes to do a strike towards them or my feet step away, like i just did a counterattack because it seemed like they attack'd me from the side lol. Also when i walk in the mall where people are ususally closer to each other, i can feel the energy, and once i get s my hands in rhytmn noone messes with me, with the expection of those people who want to test you. Also, like in the mall, I was about to reach the exit of the mall, i had to do a sharp turn and then this lady wanted to show who was boss and so she approach me like coming from a 45 angle distance and like, what seemed like she did a jab, I step out and did the samething and I knew i humbled her because I felt comfortable after that and didnt loose balance. Of course I was looking at my enviroment the whole time not her. Anybody get similar situations in mall? can you like feel people's energy?
as to your energy feeling, i suggest you smoke less dope

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