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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
I totally agree CTF, I am planning on running with a pal from high-school who ran cross-country with me. We're planning to run at least 5-miles daily for 2 weeks and bump it to 8 or 10 miles for 2-4 weeks and see what we want to do from there.

If he'd be willing I'd go the rest of the summer break he's got and do 10 mile runs mon-friday.
The running is nice, but one thing you would notice, you can run for days, soon as you hit the mat you can and will likely gas right away. Running cardio =/= fight cardio. I have had guys come in to my class who can run rings around me, I take them to the mat they gas in 2-3 minutes. Sparring they last a little longer but never more than one 5 minute round before they are sucking wind.
I probably couldn't run more than a mile before getting winded, but I have gone full speed/power while grappling for 30-35 minutes straight before I totally gas out. (shark tanking, gotta love it)

Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
I have a pal at work who is suggesting Jiu-Jitsu, I am not sure if I would follow through on that side. I know that the sport is highly-centered on that discipline, I just doubt it would be a good thing to start there for me at least.

I however found a course in Taekwondo for rather cheap $45/month about 20-25 minutes from where I live now.
The Jiu-jitsu would be a good idea, you said you had some wrestling background right? JJ would probably be a very good style to pick up since you are already used to the mat and know a little about transitions and mat control. At least pick up enough to defend against submissions.

As for the TKD, not to knock it or anything, but you are better off looking into Muay Thai or kickboxing.

Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
I have some good news, I talked with a friend from church today at work and he's got a bench-press (bench,bars, and free-weight) that he wants to get rid of for next to nothing. I'll enjoy being able to work parts I haven't been able to while sticking to push-ups as my main chest-builder and arm endurance builder.

Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
I am curious about increasing my punch rapidity and strength would using a resistance band plus some dumbbells be a bad thing?
The resistance bands good idea, the dumbells, not so much. If you use a dumbell the weight in your hand stays the same and your body gets used to it. The bands offer increasing resistance the further away your hand is from your body. That is similar to how you see a sprinter train with the little parachute behind them. the faster they run, the more drag they create the harder they have to push themselves to go faster. or something, I dunno

Originally Posted by luger0 View Post

I have done the punch-endurance stuff as mentioned prior and was timing myself for straight jabs from a full-cock position if you could call it that (like when you are starting to push-up like in the push-up exercise) in 30 seconds I was able to get 45 jabs in completely sore from the workout.
Yeah but how was the technique on those jabs? Were they crisp proper form jabs? Or where they "gotta throw as many as I can as fast as I can" jabs? You have to remember to use good form and technique. Training poor technique just to throw more/faster punches doesn't do you any good.

Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
In my mind I want to train to be able to throw against at least 60-pounds of resistance if not greater 4-times/second for 15-20 minutes for a straight jab & cross. Would that be over-training in any way?
Um... probably?

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