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between most mma companies (ufc, stikeforce ..ect) they are pretty much the same rule wise just with subtle differences, for example in the UFC you can elbow the face and head of a ground opponent but in Strikeforce you cannot, allot of teh more extreme moves from pride are not allowed in america though so you wont see orgs adopt them like soccerkicks to the head ect.

most orgs have some great fighters in them and so I urge people to watch different orgs instead of liniting themselves to one org for they will be missing out on allot,

like someone else mentioned too K-1 is a great thing to watch if you are into stand up battles for they have some of teh best strikers anywhere, I personally get bored with stand up fights so i watch allot of grappling BJJ tournaments and what not...honestly if you are just starting out watching mma I would watch both for they will help you get a grasp on what fighters in MMA are doing, plus you can sound all elite to your friends when you mention some obscure move to them or be like ooh that guy is going for a gogoplata ect..

but yeah feel free to keep asking questions in this thread ill try and pop in the newbie section every so often, and if your question does not get answered for a while feel free to pm us.

also dont be affraid of posting some of your questions the the general mma section or the different org questions for most of the people are really nice and if anyone gives you crap, pm me and i will feed them to swpthleg

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