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Why I find this forum so great

I know I am relatively new to mmaforum and have not posted a whole lot but I must be completely honest when saying this is most likely the best place to discuss anything MMA on the net. What I see here and not anywhere else are members who give positive feedback, want you to grow in your skill, have fun and enjoy what you do best along with many other numerous things. I have NEVER ever once thought badly of this community, its always supportive and understanding even when at times some of us do ask stupid questions, but hey there is no such thing as a stupid question so we grow up and move on. This is the reason I like this place a lot.

Now not to be a backstabber or anything, I know sherdog is a good resource but the community is not on par with here. Interested to see some responses I(would of be capitalized if that letter is normally not) received as a new member asking questions about sandbag workouts, I even mentioned DON'T talk about weights...

buy a barbell and weights or get the **** out

Dont use your bullshit im 16 excuse (im 16 too) if you can afford internet you can probably afford to quit waisting your money on video games and buy a barbell. Why the **** would you expect to get a legitimate answer about a bullshit way to train on this forum?
Take it easy. He'll figure shit out eventually dude, don't stress.
Lol cost? I cant work btw I have to take care of a disabled brother who has CP.

Back on to point, I have ONLY seen pros about on this site, people who know their stuff and want to help.

I cannot say enough good about this site and when I first ran across it I knew I found a good place I could come kick at after a day of training or find new and important news dealing with MMA. Keep up the fantastic work, you guys are definitely doing it right and I am positive others would agree.

Cannot wait to see what the future holds for this site.
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