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Mon 4-19: kickboxing, then point sparring. Worked on my defensive hook kick, which apparently in sport karate is thrown leaning over so you get more extension.
Tue: ran 1 mile right before Shotokan (yokogiri kukame drills on the heavy bag, heian shodan, heian nidan) and goshinjitsu kata.
Wed: MMA combination class
Thur: ran 3 miles, then judo (neutral randori and listening to my sensei talk a lot to the other MMA people who are figuring out that judo is a huge asset in MMA).
Fri: ran 3 miles, then Shotokan, then drilled mount escapes, guard breaks and passes, and the crucifix. americana and kimura.
Sat: MMA standup, a lot of jump rope, squat kicks, planks, abs and pad work. My partner was helping me to break my habit of sitting in the pocket. IDK why I like it so much, but I constantly find myself in too close. Then karate which was the customary stretch and kick drill warmup, then focus pad drills where somebody twirls the jump rope and you try to punch/kick the pad inbetween rope rotations (Groups of 3).
Sun: rested

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