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Today I felt awful, tired but couldn't nap after work, hungry but couldn't eat without feeling nauseous. Mostly went away once I got training, thank god.

Muay Thai

Skipping, shadowboxing, sparring, kick drills. Did okay in sparring, training partner is definitely faster, more technical, and has better endurance than me now. It's for the best. The back of my lower left shin is still hurt but it's bearable so long as I don't get any weird connections on it.


Guard pass and pound, upkick - axe kick - sickle sweep, technique was pounding from top of half guard and sweeping from the bottom with a half butterfly. Not going over it today, I don't think it's going to be effective for me. We rolled starting from half guard and then rolled straight up. I won my rolls except for Kajans at the end. Today I reached the point that I imagine every fighter fears - I mentally gave up. Fatigue makes cowards out of all of us and I tapped to a rear naked choke and a guillotine that I could have resisted better. I finished Kajan with an armbar from back and ground and pound from mount but you can tell he gave it to me to boost my self esteem. I'm kind of beating myself up about mentally caving today but in proper perspective, that point of quitting is what I should be actively seeking out more often so that I can extend it further and further. Baby steps.

Ladies kickboxing tomorrow 6am then BJJ that night. Might go in early with training partner to work some shit. Kajan's coming out early on thursday to work with the 4 of us amateur fighters more one on one so this is my reminder to get in at 3:00 on thursday.
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