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Originally Posted by Rusko View Post
Isnt it just some animal instinct in us? I mean even before I did martial sports, everytime I see a guy coming towards me I think if i can take him out or not.
It might be, I've been in boxing/kickboxing since I was 12 so im not sure.

Originally Posted by Tyson2011 View Post
im constantly sizing everyone up however i dont get too many people coming to act tough towards me as i am a 145/155 fighter at 5'5-5'6 in height...not to say i cant handle my own with most anyone around here (which admittingly i do a bit too much, living in the country with all the drunk rednecks).
Same, I'm about 165 5'9" and I do the same thing. I'm very social so I don't often run into hostility.

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