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Originally Posted by Halfraq9 View Post
Personally, I'd cut to the chase and take the direct approach and ask your professor what he's specifically looking for. Sometimes things are so subtle you just don't see them unless someone tells you. Ask him from the standpoint of what part of your technique is lacking. The idea is to put the focus on your technique instead of you're not advancing.

Hope this helps.
This is what I would do honestly. I would go to my instructor and first ask him what he thinks about what I’m doing on the mat. If he’s not been watching you maybe this will get him to watch you and realize you have some potential.

I would also let him know that you want to be promoted and you would like some advice on what you should work on. It’s better to ask and know where he thinks you are weak than to just sit there and not know.

Originally Posted by dirtnasty View Post
Just be patient i used to be going through the same thing wondering why it was taking so long for my first stripe. I've seen people with 5-6 stripes and not move up in belt then i've seen people with one stripe or even none move up in belt. Just don't let it get to you. often time it is if you haven't competed yet that might be needed to gain a stripe.
Not really sure what you are doing that you have seen people with 5-6 stripes?? In BJJ the standard is 4 stripes on a belt and then you move up to the next color. If you have people that have 5-6 stripes it’s most likely the instructor is giving out stripes too often, doesn’t feel the people are ready for the next belt, and doesn’t know what to do…he shouldn’t give them more than 4 though.

I personally did what you are talking about. My original school was under ATT so we had a green belt between white and blue. I went from a 1 stripe white belt to a green and then went from 3 stripe green to blue.

Originally Posted by EASTVANMMA View Post
I have actually competed in an in house tournament. I competed against a 3 stripe White belt, and they put me against a 1 stripe blue belt as well, as there wasn't enough people present at the time to match up with me. Suffice to say i lost the tourny. But i did take both my opponents down, got side control and mounted. (Including the blue belt). I was up on points until getting caught at the end. So i thought within the next few classes i was going to get my stripe for competing and trying against both higher belts and larger guys. I guess i was wrong. This tourny was a little while ago, and i have probably been to 12 classes after that. In total i probably have been to 36 classes and one tournament and still no stripe
I see that you say you got the takedown, passed to side control, and then mounted. There is a large gap being that you say you were caught in the end of the match. What happened between that time? Were you just laying there trying to hold mount or were you making a real attempt to finish the fight?

Just out of curiosity who is your school under??

Originally Posted by EASTVANMMA View Post
Thanks, i appreciate the feedback. I have a wrestling background and have won a gold medal in my high school division (years ago). Upon joining my academy they asked if i had any previous experience and i told them. Is it possible my professor thinks i'm using my wrestling background and strength rather than technique like you said? Or is it possible based on telling him about my background that he's thinking that's what i'm solely relying on? As for using technique i've made a point of it. I've been sweeping people lots lately and my balance has increased tremendously. I am getting triangle chokes frequently by just technique and have made a point of it. I've also been using a lot of baiting moves which help me land my subs.
I know personally at my school when we are looking for someone to promote one thing we look at is if the person is a “one trick pony”. Basically what I mean is there have been people that have been held back from getting their blue because the only thing they could tap someone with was a triangle choke. They had great guards, but once you passed their game was just flat and flaccid.

Make sure to mix up your game. I think to get your first couple stripes you just have to show you can actually move on the ground IMO. When you start getting 3-4 stripes then I’d start looking at whether this person is actually grasping the technique and how well they sweep or submit their opponents.
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