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Originally Posted by BlacklistShaun View Post
When I said if you can get in a college program "later on" I meant wrestle through HS and work to get in a college program. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear enough.

I have done BJJ and Judo. I think if I walked onto a college wrestling team I could try out and do pretty well (although it would be pretty tempting to armbar someone).
You seriously think with a background in BJJ and Judo you could do well on a collegiate wrestling team? I honestly dont mean to be a dick, but thats absurd. BJJ you learn a lot of fighting from your back, in wrestling you lose from that position. I dont know much about judo, but wrestling is a very technical sport, judo may help, but a confident wrestler would wipe the floor with you at that level unless you also happen to be a confident wrestler, which it seems you are not. Not trying to be mean here, but thats the truth. A few skills may cross over, like a solid base and all that, but most of it wouldnt. The same thing applies to if a wrestler were to try high level judo without having a judo base, he would lose.

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