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Im back! My leg has been solid for a while. Just getting back to within reach of my old numbers on full squats. Been benching and deadlifting heavy since november or so. I havent been following a very strict program, basically this

bench 5-7x1-3 working up to a heavy ass single (usually, sometimes I just work up to a 3 rep max)
floor press 5x5
powerclean 5x5
a couple times a month i use chains or bands with benching

squat- reps vary, sometimes 5x3 sometimes 3x10, just really depends on how confident i am that day
snatch 5x5
split squats 3x6

deadlifts 6x3 going heavy all the way
back extensions 3x15
weight pull ups -3x5 usually get up to +40-60 lbs
rack pulls 6x6
curls 12,10,8
usually finish with a max set of pull ups or high rep deadlift

my current maxes are
bench-right around 350
squat-about 450
snatch-225-250 (i got 250 a while ago, but it was ugly as hell, probably couldnt/wouldnt do it again)

day off today, but ill be deadlifting tomorrow.

i foam roll about 30 mins everyday, all the workouts are with implied warm up sets. i spent like 2 months in south africa doing a lot of hiking around and since then i have weighed pretty steady at 200, my diet is pretty shitty, getting a lot of protein but not very careful about what i eat.
hope everyone is well

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