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Originally Posted by BlacklistShaun View Post
Actually I was being serious. Some people forget that doing BJJ both guys can't be on their backs...someone has to be on top. I actually have a pretty good top game and have rolled with many collegiate wrestlers and was able to get and hold top position on them. So why would it be so absurd that someone that can move and has a very good BJJ top game could walk on to a college team and actually make it? Sure the rules are different, but someone who actually knows how to move and hold position has a much better chance than the average Joe.

And just so you know I actually have very good confidence in my wrestling because I have worked/trained with many wrestlers that competed on very high levels. I train in BJJ as well as Judo and wrestling, so your comment about me not being confident in my wrestling was didn't even ask if I had ever wrestled before.
I didnt ask because in a thread about wrestling you made no mention of it... Getting top control and actually winning are two completely different things. I'm sorry, but if you dont wrestle and arent an incredibly high level BJJ practitioner I dont believe you had top control on a high level wrestler. Thats like me saying I got an armbar on a high level BJJ guy, would not happen. Besides that fact, as I said earlier, getting top control and getting the pin/winning are two entirely different things. To walk on a to college wrestling team with no COMPETITIVE wrestling experience is a ridiculous idea and would NOT happen. If you care to prove me wrong, walk on to a team. I was a pretty successful high school wrestler, and even without injuring myself I probably would have had trouble walking on to a shitty dIII school.

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