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Well I couldn`t get back to sleep oddly, but I felt alright.

Went in early to do pad work with training partner. 3 rounds boxing and 3 rounds muay thai. Goddamn he`s sharp now, it`s good because he has lots of pointers for my slop. Taught me how to keep better balance when doing consecutive kicks, improved my lead push kick, my sloppy lead hook, etc. Despite these few changes I did really well in the pad work and my striking endurance seemed to pull through. Make no mistake about it though, it took alot of effort.

Then did BJJ. Guard passes without hands, turtling as they pass your guard, taking back from turtle. In advanced we shark tanked the guys going in the next tournament. That meant me. I did awesome from the bottom and my endurance was solid the whole time. Pendulum sweep was killing em! Then we rolled like 5-6 rounds and I did great. Once again just killing people with the pendulum sweep and dominant positions. Lost to a purple belt in a close match and had a very uneventful roll in my last round. Regardless, great training today, and feel ******* good.

Two sessions tomorrow evening with Kajan.
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