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Originally Posted by Freelancer View Post
I've badly injured my left toe tonight. I was doing randori(sparring) with a 55 lbs heavier guy, and he has improved quite a lot since our last encounter. He threw me a couple of times without me returning the favor. I got determined not to get thrown again(big mistake). He outbalanced me and I landed on my toe bending it the wrong way. I'm icing it, it hurts like hell and it's swollen, so I'm not entirely sure it's not broken.
I am mad right now. Homicidal mad. Mad at myself, mad at him, mad at my family, and they at me. So I'm gonna vent a bit:

That feels slightly better...
ouch, hope it heals up quickly

Originally Posted by SJ View Post

I have a sexual injury right now, I'd explain it, but nobody wants to hear it.
I'll have to be more gentle next time

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