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Originally Posted by 00Smash00 View Post

I am interested in training for mma and possibly competing. I do not know very much about this sport. I am a very good athlete and do have a little martial arts training. This forum has already told me about the best arts to develop (BJJ and muay thai). Maybe you guys can help me again.

Could you tell me what kind of opportunities in this sport there are for an athlete like me? Best places to train? Best people to train under? Are there training camp programs for summer, etc.? Sponsorship? Maybe you guys can hook me up with some good connections.

Quick athletic stats:
Body Weight: 130 lbs
Bench Press: 290 lbs
5k: 15 minutes

Also, I have won some wrestling and submission grappling tournaments

Thanks for your feedback
I'm having a tough time believing your stats, but that's just me. Being only 130lbs and being able to bench almost 290 pounds is pretty much unheard of and to be thin enough to run 5k in 15 minutes?

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