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April 22 3:15 Pm Good Bye 135

well i went to the pool and didn't drink like any water that day and i was pretty hungry so i didn't eat that much. I go in the sauna for about 30 mins stright and wipe my self off.
Well in just gym shortsi was 139.

Now most of u r saying (that's not cutting weight, u have to starve your self, sauna like 4 hours blah blah blah)

but i don't cut weight, i will maybe if it's just a 2 pound drop ill think about it. But since i started training at 8 till 12 years later my master (Jerome) never cut weight. He is right about my hight or so at like 5"9 at the most and he kickboxed (and was Canadian Champ) at heavyweight. (he couldn't quite make super heavyweight due to not roiding out.)

Now i look at my self and im a now black belt kickboxing (it's like having a brownish purple belt in BJJ) and im stronger then alot of trained people that weigh about 170-180ish plus alot of the 145 big names are about 2 inchies shorter then me somtimes 3. O ya and the ablitys to tap out the odd brown belt with only like 6 weeks of grappling training.

I reli think it time to go up. I'm only gunna bigger as i get older and i reli hate cutting weight. I't so nice to go to a weigh in and not feel like shit. I don't wanna limit my ablitys to fight later. Plus with mma i can udilize my striking so well on people.

I donno 145 just looks better these days. im like 142 right now...

people say either the world will end at 2012 or the aliens will finnally come back to us.....

i hope not cuz im writing a sci fi novel
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