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Fack, got called into work this morning so I'm under slept, good thing I always used to be under slept and can live with it.

Private with Kajan

Extensive warm up with a bunch of acrobatics that gassed me hard, I'm too big for this shit. Shadowboxing with lots of takedowns and sprawls. Consecutive sprawls. Alternated hitting the pads and the bag. I felt like a big bag of dicks today and was quite clearly gassed, but pressed on anyways. I'm a little disappointed that Kajan has only seen me on my shitty days this week. Anywho, I feel my body telling me to take a rest so I won't be heading back in an hour for the public class. Going to go get my ear drained again as it's getting huge, and hopefully get an early start on sleep. My mental state feels a bit ****ed right now, super spaced out mixed in with feeling good.

Tomorrow I got tickets to the event that I was supposed to be fighting at ago but we decided against it because of it's retarded structure. So I'll go in 6:00 tomorrow morning to work some shit with the training partner and rest that evening.
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