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havent really been updating this since i got back, promise i've been working out, just havent really remembered to do this every night (lame excuse, i know)


workout 1:
20 minutes stretching, 2 mile run

workout 2: hour and a half tkd class, first 15 min stretching, and the rest working on the power kicks, including shin roundhouse (it does exist in tkd), jumping spinning back kick, step behind side kick, "impossible kick" (bounce off with an in the air side kick followed immediately by a turning side), back kick, and jump cheating kick (similar to the karate kid kick, but less flashy and less telegraphed); felt good after this workout, havent been able to unleash huge hits in a looong time

workout 3: lifting
bench press 3x5 of 175
curls 5x10 of 50
squats 5x10 of 50 (used same bar)
bent over rows 5x10 o 50 (same)
military press 5x10 of 50 (same)

breakfast: 2 bananas, an orange, protein shake (20g)
snack: protein shake (20g)
lunch: pork sanwhich, cheesy green beans
snack: protein shake (20g) plus vitamin b6 supplement
dinner: 3 grilled chicken breasts, carrots, peas, asparagus

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