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Originally Posted by 00Smash00 View Post
Thanks for the replies guys, but can anyone provide some relevant responses to my questions?
I don't know a thing about run times or what is a good weight to lift, but I do know a few things about fighting in mma.
If you have a good amount of strength and more importantly cardio it's possible you could do well, "PROVIDED" you train well on the ground and standup fighting techniques.
You could be able to bench press a rhino, and run a marathon, but if you have crap technique and can't take a hit, your going nowhere in mma.
But, having great fitness is a good basis to start in almost any sport.
Training depends where you live really, try to find if there are any pro fighters that teach/train there, and if you know the persons name but haven't heard of them try typing it into, as chances are if they're reasonably well known mma fighters they'll be on there and you can gauge what sort of level they're at, so your skill set will improve quicker as you'll be learning from better guys.
If you pm me your reply, or on here i'll help you out as much as poss, as i've previously trained/mates have trained in Holland,Thailand,Japan, uk and usa and have a fair idea of decent trainers/gyms etc.
Good luck bud

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