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Squats 6,6,6 @ 255lbs
Deadlifts 6,6,6 @ 265lbs
DB Bench 6,6,5 @ 90lbs
Weighted Chin Ups 6,6,6 @ b/w+25lbs

AB Complex
Weighted Twist Crunch 20,20@45lbs
Decline Reverse Crunch 15,13@b/w+5
Cable Crunch 20,20@75kgs
AB Plank 2:05,2:05

Good lift day =)

1 - 1's
2 - 1-2's
3- Push kicks
4- 1-2-3s
5- 2-3-2 + punch out drill

Leg still sucks to kick with, give it a little bit longer then I'll start working the kicks.

I watched the fights for the silly tournament mma. God some of those fighters were awful. Me and my training partner would have likely cleaned out the lightheavyweight and middleweight divisions respectively and had two cheap plastic belts today. It was actually painful to watch.

Makes me feel ******* good about my fight though. I'm on pace to kill this poor mother****er. Good week!

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