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Need help training with an injured ankle.

I rolled my ankle pretty bad about 6 weeks ago. It was just about all healed up and then a week and a half ago I got caught in a heel hook and I'm back to square one but a bit worse. I've been wrapping the ankle with a neoprene wrap which helps a bit but I don't think it is secure enough. I put Traumeel on it 3 times a day and it def. seems to be helping but I retwisted it this morning rolling. I was passing into side control on the top and when I thru my bottom leg through my ankle gave out and I was done.

Does anyone know of any rehab exercises that will help repair my ankle. The injury is on the outside of the ankle. Is there a way to wrap this or a product that will work that will help secure the ankle while I roll.

Would wrestling shoes help or hurt? I actually bought a pair but haven't used them.

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