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Originally Posted by david east View Post
Ok so i need to shed some weight. I weigh 290 and would like to lose 40 pounds. I work out in school everyday but just vigourous strength workouts, really no cardio of any sort. Any suggestions on a good diet and cardio excercise for weight loss? I plan to start mma training this summer and would like to shed some weight before doing so, thanks for any help.
I had to drop about 20 a while ago i am in good shape now. Here were some basic guide lines. I would not do the sauna. thats good for cunning water weight when you have to for a fight but isnt necessary at this point.

1. drink around 64 ounces of water a day. Get a bottle with measurements on it to help.
2. eat 5 meals a day!!! never let yourself get hungry. Eat breakfast, snack lunch, snack, and dinner. Reduce your serving size. snacks would include things like a cup of fruit. an apple or banana with a cup of almonds or sunflower seeds. Whole grain wheat bread with peanut butter. Look for "simply jiff" it doesn't have all the sugar added. Also good snacks are protein bars or shakes.
3. Read the label look for the lowest fat and sugar contents. you can make some small compromises if it means there is a better chance you will eat it. For instance I cant eat cheerios but I can eat honey nut cheerios and there isnt that much more fat or sugar.
4. cut out the soft drinks drink only water. That alone will help you lose weight.
5. if you do go out to eat cut out the fryer. Only get things grilled or baked and leave off the sauce.
6. keep anything you shouldn't eat out side of the house. the temptations can sometimes be too much for some people.
7. finally for one day a week forget the other six rules.

Good foods are grilled chicken grilled fish fruits and veggies steak is ok every once in a while but not all the time maybe once or twice a week. If you get a george forman grill that would be great. Just buy some chicken or tuna or salmon grill it and eat it. Also deli meats like turkey and ham are great. Get a book called eat this not that. That will tell you what to eat and not to eat when your out and help with the grocery list.

also start up with the cardio. jump rope and elliptical trainer are the best things. the elliptical works your arms and legs and isnt as hard on your joints as running.
You need a much stricter diet to get ripped but this will help you lose most the body fat.

"The fat man flies at midnight"

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