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Originally Posted by ricefarmer
i think most of the ufc fans in the audience dont have a clue to what mma is.. they just see who the poster boy is and praise them

Like it or not, if it weren't for those people, you would not be on here *****ing about the UFc because too many people that claim they are true MMA fans don't go to live events, or don't buy the PPV. So they are no worse. At least the ones who go to them live paid for the right to boo. If the fight is boring, boo them. Nobody wants to see guys feeling each other out for a couple minutes. It is the people that you so called TRUE MMA FANS on the net that whine like babies, that have made UFC what it is. Bottom line, the posterboys as you call them, made UFC what it is today. If it were only the "true MMA fans", MMA would not be blown up like it is right now. So for the few so called true fans on the net, I hope these other retarded people keep watching, because I enjoy watching it too. Without you out there buying the products and fights, we would not be having a site to whine about you.
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