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Muay Thai

Skipping, shadowboxing, drilled some combos. Hit the bag instead of clinch work because I'm a wimp about my ear. Knees.


Hip escapes, then we did submission escapes. Guillotine from guard - protect neck with nearest hand, jump up and stack them, digging shoulder into their throat, then change from shoulder pressure to a crossface, sit back on one leg, pulling head out diagonally. Armbar escapes. Then a simple rear naked escape, turn chin into their elbow, shrug shoulders and lift their arm over your face. Then we did 3 or so rounds of rolling from take down. I got the big guy and was mostly dominant.

Doing gi and no gi tournaments at our gym saturday/sunday. Taking wednesday evening and friday off. Thursday is probably another private with Kajan.

Wednesday morning lady's kickboxing - did abs and drilled some combos with them.

God damn I'm tired and underslept and sore.

Got my ear drained again, god it's annoying waiting an hour every week for this. Got to do blood tests this week and the rest of my physical may 15th for my fight.

Goddamn sleeping aids are kicking in. I'll edit this in later I got an early morning with the ladies kickboxing tomorrow.

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