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I agree, I'm pissed that I payed 40 bucks for that PPV. But, if it was fixed, then the author of that article has it right: at least if it's going to be rigged they wouldn't have rigged it how they did, because that pissed a lot of UFC fans. It pissed me off and I spent only 40 bucks, I could only imagine the people that actually went to it. It was a hugely hyped up UFC event, OMG KEN AND TITO ARE FIGHTING AGAIN. WHAT WILL HAPPEN??? Well, I thought it was going to be more. And, maybe ken wasn't defending himself, but tito barely did any damage to him at all. He got straight up and there wasn't a mark on his face. WTF? I'm not looking at it from the standpoint of intelligent defense. I'm lookin at it as, tito did no damage to him at that point in the match (which was short as ****) and boom it's over! I wanted to see one or the other get the shit beat out of them, but I hope tito was serious when he said you will see them fight again. Maybe with that statement even he kind of thought that he was stopped too early. After all, tito was saying he wanted to put ken in the hospital for a long time. He was probably just as dissapointed that he couldn't even **** up his face, I mean come ON! And then of course you had the heavyweights with brick like hands. It was a ***** foot fight, a jab war. If arvlosky wanted that belt, he would have pressed the action WAY more like he has in previous fights. Neither did. The author has it right, a ****in borefest. I had guests over watching it, and they ended up leaving after half way through.
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