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Originally Posted by diablo5597 View Post

I've been looking there for a good series to start reading.

So far I'm considering, A Game of Thrones, The First Law, The Dark Tower, and Dresden Files. So what do I want to read?

I'm looking for something that's not too complex, easy to understand, and something that will have me hooked so I can't put it down. I was interested in the Wheel of time series but I heard it goes downhill after about book 6 and is hard to follow with so much stuff happening. But other than that it sounds cool. Any suggestions?
I know I rave about the Belgariad series and the Mallorean series too much but you should really check them out if you are looking for a fantasy series to read. Belgariad is a 5 book series Mallorian is a 5 book series that is just a continuation of the belgariad and then after that if/when you get hooked they have 2 seperate books one for each of two of the main characters back stories (then another book called the rivan codex but that one was not that good) Author is David Eddings (first book starts off a little slow but it is very much needed, second book will hook ya and third book will make you not put it down till you finish both series and then you will yell at everybody demanding they make a movie about the books lol, serious there is 100's of websites dedicated to people wanting this )

If you do read them do not read the prologs your first time through the series for they give away allot of the series

but anyways it is a great series with characters that you cant help but fall in love with and root for. by far the best series I have ever read and I read it twice a year and have so sense the first time I read it. the way the characters play off from each other i have not found its equal


Wheel of time: by Robert Jordan

Mix Feelings on this series

Good Points
Great character: he goes very well in depth on each character and makes sure you know everything about them so you can fully emerse yourself in them

Very detailed author, he makes it so you can picture everything every second you are reading the book.

Original on allot of the things he tries in the book (allot of fantasy books I see they are just coping each other with different names)

Bad Points
actually these are the same as the good points
he goes in depth on every character, problem with this is there are tons of character. He takes character on character following one character and then switches to a different character and by the time he goes through everyone and you get back to the first character you have completely forgot what the heck they were doing and in some cases who they are

he is extremely detailed, he is one of the few authors that this can be a bad thing, he takes pages to just describe a bush it feels like.

this is the only fantasy series by the time i got a little more then half way through it i was like damn can this end already.

it is a good series and i think everybody should read in once in their life but just not my favorite by any means


if you are in one of those dusty old book stores see if you can find the series called chronicles of amber its only 2 books long but its a really good read also

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