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Originally Posted by mrpez View Post
Muay Thai and BJJ classes are offered near where I live, and my friend and I are interested to begin training in one of them.

Background: 18, work out daily, took Karate (not sure what style) a few years ago and got up to blue belt two stripe.

What are the pros and cons of muay thai and BJJ in a 1v1 fight? i understand there are nuances to each, and a fight between two well-trained fighters is hard to predict. i also know that BJJ specializes in ground work while muay thai is more stand-up fighting.

im talking about a 1v1 fight against someone who most likely has no formal training in either field (like some punk who wants to fight).

I've trained in both, over a couple of years, and have had some fights competitivly as well as a few outside,lol. I say using Muay Thai in a street fight is very good, as the majority of people that will try to apply chokes or submission holds in a streetfight, is "FAIRLY UNLIKELY".
However, any punk can throw a punch, however wild and sloppy it may be.
Being able to slip some strikes, and counter with your own is always a good basis to start with, especially as bjj strikng in comparison is nowhere near as effective.

But, as i'm sure you know a lot of fights also end up in a grapple type situation,like a headlock, or someone grabbing your collar trying to punch you, and this is where bjj is at it's best.
Being able to reverse someone with a throw,or choking them unconcious, not only looks cool, but can stop you taking a beating, just even being able to break their grip can be a deciding factor in who wins a fight.

Overall,Ju jitsu could be the better option, as not many people will know the techniques to escape your submissions/holds, compared to striking of Muay Thai, which is why Royce Gracie was originally so successful in the early UFC events, because people didn't know how to cope with his strange techniques.

Assuming it's a fair fight,like you say, this is great. Personally i'd "NEVER" go to the ground intentionally in a streetfight, unless your "CERTAIN" no one else is going to join in on your opponents behalf.
Also, there's nothing sweeter than knocking out a bully with a knee to the jaw, in front of his friends.
As a basis, i'd say Muay Thai first, if you can only afford one martial art, but if it's a "Gracie Academy" get in their quick, chances are they have fighters who are proficient in both, the choice is yours mate(hope I helped).
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