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Originally Posted by daveh98 View Post
Floyd kicked Mosley's rear. I am not the biggest fan of floyd outside the ring but I give him my upmost respect inside of it. This was MOSLEY's fight to lose. While I didn't think it was boring, some did. But that was Mosley's fault because he knew what Mayweather was going to bring to the table. Mayweather always adjusts and he beat Mosley and threw his gameplan right out of the door.

Regarding Pac.... Mosley had a better chance. Pac is awkward and off balance and Mayweather will check hook his butt. I know people think Pac rises to every occassion and he is so unpredictable but he is tailor made to get whooped by mayweahter. Honestly....Mayweather knocks him out similarly to ricky hatton just because he wont see the punch coming. Mayweather proved last night he can take a HARD punch. Pac Mayweather odds will be much closer (still favoring mayweather) and I would bet my house on him in that fight.
Agreed. I think Mayweather puts Frank Mir's self-love to absolute shame, but Money May is the best and Mayweather would eat Pacquiao like balut.

I hate Mayweather, but dammit he's the best.
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