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I have a big list of k-1, pride, instructionals. i also do mma events and mail them the weekend they air. superior quality.
email me if interested. also, i have this list in MS word doc format thats easier to read and find stuff.


Grand Prix 2000 [4 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2003 [3 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2004 [3 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2005 [3 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2006 [3 dvds] [ppv]

Shockwave 2002 [Retail - JAP]
Shockwave 2002 [PPV - ENG]
Shockwave 2003 [2 dvds] [retail]
Shockwave 2004 [2 dvds] [retail]
Shockwave 2005 [ppv]
Shockwave 2006 [ppv]

Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 1 [retail]
Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 2 [ppv]
Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 3 [ppv]

Hardcore Submissions Vol. 1 [ppv]

Pride FC #1 [retail]
Pride FC #5 [retail]
Pride FC #11 [retail]
Pride FC #19 [retail]
Pride FC #21 [retail]

Pride 28: High Octane [ppv]
Pride 29: Fists of Fire [ppv]
Pride 30: Fully Loaded [ppv]
Pride 31: Unbreakable [ppv]
Pride 32: The Real Deal [ppv]
Pride 33: The Second Coming [ppv]
Pride 34: Kamikaze [retail]
Pride Decade [Final Pride under Japanese Management]

Pride Bushido 1-10 [All are ppv]
Pride Bushido Grand Prix [10-13] [3 dvds] [ppv]

Events 49 - present [ppv]
Ufc Prelims 1 [2006 - July 2007]
Ufc Prelims 2 [Ufc 73-76 Ufn 11]
Ufc Prelims 3 [Various Fights]
Ufc Prelims 4 [Various Fights]
Ufc Prelims 5 [Various Fights]
Ultimate fight Night 14 Silva vs irvin [July 2008]
Ultimate Knockouts 3 [retail]
Ultimate Knockouts 5 [retail]
Ultimate Ultimate Knockouts [2007] [retail]
UFC Fight For The Troops + Prelims [dec 08]
Ultimate Fighter Finale Sanchez vs Stevenson June 09

K-1 - Most k-1's are in Japanese. All are Pay-Per-View, unless stated
World Max's are lightweights. Heros is Mixed weight classes, and mostly MMA
K-1 10th Aniversary [6 dvds] [retail]
K-1 Best 1993 – 20003 [Retail]
Dynamite 2003
Beast 2003
K-1 Romanex [rare] [2004] [retail]
Dynamite [dec 31st] [ppv]
World Grand Prix Finals [December 4th] [ppv]
Hero's [March]
Battle at the Belagio [April]
World Grand Prix Hawaii [July 29th]
Dynamite [Dec 31st]
Dynamite 2006 [Dec 31st]
*World Max*
Japan Tournament Finals [Feb]
World Tournament Finals [June]
Champion's Challenge [Sept]
May 2006
Tournament Quarter-Finals [August 6th]
Finals [September 9th]
*Grand Prix's* -- Grand Prix's happen all year round - not just at the end of the year.
All Grand prix's are open weight class
World Grand Prix in Las vegas [aka: Mayhem at the Mirage 2] [April 29th] [english]
World Grand Prix in Las vegas 2 [August]
World Grand Prix in Seoul [June]
Revenge 2006 [July]
World Grand Prix in Osaka [Final Elimination] [September]
World Grand Prix in Tokyo [Finals] [December]
World Max [Feb]
Heros [March]
Heros [July] [Middle Weight Championship Tournament Opening]
Heros [Sept] [Middle Weight Championship Tournament Finals]
World Max [April]
World Max 2007 Finals [Oct]
World Grand Prix in Hawaii [April]
Dynamite USA [June] [eng]
Kahn [July 2007]
Wgp Hong Kong [Aug 2007]
Wgp Las Vegas [July2007]
Heros Korea [Oct 2007]
World GP Final16 Seoul [September]
World Grand Prix Finals [December] [English]
Dybanite 2007 [eng]
K-1 GP 1993-2000
K-1 Max [Feb]
K-1 World Max Final 16 [may]
K-1 World Max Final 8 [july]
K-1 Amsterdam- april 2008
K-1 WGP 2008 in Yokohama [may]
K-1 WGP 2008 in Fukuoka [July]
K-1 WGP Taipei july08
K-1 WGP Final 16
K-1 World Max Finals 2008
K-1 WGP Finals 2008 --ENGLISH—
Dynamite 2008 [New year’s eve 2008]
All new K-1s [2009 on are in english]
World Max 1 [Feb]
World Max 2 [april]
World Max 3 [July]
World Max 4 (Finals) [Oct]
K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 1 Yokohama [March]
K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 2 Seoul [Sept]
K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 3 Finals Yokohama [Dec]
K-1 Dynamite 2009 [dual-layer dvd 15.00$]
Cage Rage (British MMA)
10 - present [21 on is from 2007]
Miscellaneous Events
2007 No Gi World Championships 2 dvd set [retail]
Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup USA Trails [3 dvd set retail]
ADCC - Womens [2005]
Adrenaline MMA 1 -present
Affliction: Banned! Fedor/Silvia july 2008
Affliction: Day of Reckoning Fedor/Arlovski - Jan 2009
Art of War 3 [Sept 2007]
B.J. Penn: My Gym
Bachellor Bas Gone Wild
Bodog Fight: Clash of the Nations [2007] [Fedor Emeilanenko vs Matt Lindland]
Bodog Fight: USA vs Russia [2007]
Bushido Europe: Rotterdam Rumble [2006]
Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5
Colloseum 2000 [Retail]
Deep X [Submission Fights] [Sept 2007]
Deep: 28th Impact [Feb 2007]
Deep: 29th Impact [April 2007]
Deep: 30th Impact [April 2007]
Deep: 31th Impact [Aug 2007]
Dream 1 Lightweight GP 1st round
Dream 2 Middleweight GP 1st round
Dream 3 Lightweight GP 2nd round
Dream 4 Middleweight GP 2nd round
Dream 5 Lightweight GP Finals
Dream 6 Middleweight GP Finals
Dream 7 Feather Weight GP round 1
Dream 8 Welter Weight GP round 1
Dream 9 Feather Weight GP round 2
Dream 10 Welter Weight GP round 3 FINAL
Dream 11 Feather Weight GP round 3 FINAL
Dream 12: Cage of the Rising Sun [held in a cage]
Elite XC: Destiny [Feb 2007]
Elite XC: Lawler vs Smith 2 july 2008
Elite XC: Primetime [June 2008]
Elite XC: Renegade [Nov 2007]
Elite XC: Return of the King [June 2008]
Elite XC: Shamrock vs Baroni [July 2007]
Elite XC: Street Certified [feb 2008]
Elite XC: Uprising [Sept 2007]
EliteXC: Heat [Oct 2008]
Fatal Femmes Fighting [retail]
Fedor Documentary + extras [Baddest Man on the Planet]
Fighter: a Documentary [Retail]
HDNet Fight: Reckless Abandon
Hook n Shoot Revolution 3 [Female MMA] [Retail]
Hook N' Shoot: Revolution [Female MMA] [2 dvds] [retail]
HOOKnSHOOT 2007 GRAND PRIX [Female GP] Retail
Icon: Trigg vs Mayhem [Dec 2006]
IconSport: Opposites Attract [October 2005]
IFC: Eve of Destruction [April 2005]
IFL Grand Prix 2007
INOKI BOM-BA-YE 2002 [december 31st] [rare] retail]
WEC McCullough vs Crunkilton 08-2007
M-1 Breakthrough (Fedor vs Gegard Mousasi exhibition)
MFC: Mixed Fighting Championship USA vs. Japan [2005]
Mirko Crocop Double Documentary
Mirko Crocop Training Dvd
MMA Fighters Entrance music [full dvd - mp3's]
Pan Am Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2007 [2 Dvds] [Retail]
Pan Am Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2009 [3 Dvds] [Retail]
Pan Am NO GI Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2007 [1 dvd] [ retail]
Pan jiu-Jitsu 2008 [3 Dvd] [retail]
Pancrase Rising Tour [Feb 2007]
Potent: The Movie [Mma Documentary] [Retail]
Rampage Unchained
RioHeros 1-4 [Retail] [1 Dvd]
Roy Jones Jr's March Badness [Hybrid boxing MMA event]
Rumble on the Rock [2004]
Rumble on the Rock 8
Sakuraba/Takada - Works
Sengoku 1-6 [Jap]
Sengoku 7 to present [English]
Sengoku 2009 [New Years Day 2009]
Shooto Gig North 1 [Sept 2007]
Shooto: Back to our Roots [Feb 2007]
Shooto: Back to our Roots 5 [July 2007]
Shooto: Shooting Disco 2 [Aug 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #1 [July 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #2 [Aug 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #3 [Oct 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #4 [jan 2008]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #5 [march 2008]
SmackGirl [June 2006]
Smackgirl Best of 2006
SmackGirl: Hold your Own [Sept 2006]
SmackGirl: Legend of Submission Girls [Nov 2006]
Strikeforce 2: Revenge [June 2006]
Strikeforce: Destruction [Nov08]
Strikeforce 3: Tank vs Buentello [Oct 2006]
Strikeforce Shamrock vs LE [march 2008]
Strikeforce/Elite XC: Shamrock vs Baroni [June 2007]
Strikeforce: Melendez vs Thomson [june 2008]
Strikeforce: Playboy Mansion [Sept 2007]
StrikeForce: Shamrock vs Gracie [March 2006]
Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Le
Strikeforce: Tournament Series [Nov 2007]
Strikeforce: Playboy mansion 2
Strikeforce: Payback!
StrikeForce: Shamrock vs Diaz [April 2009]
StrikeForce: Lawler vs Shields june 6th 2009
StrikeForce: Carano vs. Cyborg [August 14th 2009]
StrikeForce: Fedor vs Rogers [Nov 2009]
Strikeforce Evolution [dec 09]
Strikeforce Miami [jan 2010]
Superbrawl 41 [Oct 2005]
The Noble Art of Muay Thai
TKO 31: Young Guns
Wanderlei Silva - Fighting for Pride [Pride FC Fights]
Wec 34 Faber vs Pluver
Wec: Condit vs Larson [July 2007]
Wec 36 Faber vs Brown [Nov 2008]
WFA: King of the Streets [Bas Rutten Fights - July 2006]
Who’s Still Standing? [Retail]
World Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2007 [retail] [2 disc]
Yamma Pit Fighting 1 [april 2008]
Yarennoka 2007 [eng] [Pride Fc like event]
Ultimate Chaos 2009: Lashley vs Sapp
Renzo Gracie: Legacy

Anderson Silva: Boxing for MMA
Antonio Nogueira Jiu-Jitsu/MMA 3 dvd set
Alan Goes: Mission Submission [2 dvds] [retail]
Bas Rutten's Big Dvds of Combat [6 dvds] [retail]
Bas Rutten's Lethal Street Fighting
Dan Severn MMA Seminar
Demian Maia Science of Jiu Jitsu [6 Volumes on 1 dvd]
Demian Maia Science of Jiu Jitsu 2 [3 dvd retail set]
Dean Lister: Real World Submissions [Gi and No Gi] [retail]
Defence in Confined spaces
Duke Roufus muay thai Insttructional 4dvds
Eddie Bravo: Mastering the Rubber Guard [3 dvd] [retail]
Eddie Bravo: The Twister [Retail]
Encyclopedia of kettlebell lifting [Steve Cotter] 5 dvds][retail]
Erik Paulson Neckbreaker [2 dvd] [retail]
Erik Paulson CSW 2008 Camp [3 DVD Set] [Retail]
Fedor Emelianenko MMA Seminar in Slovakia 2007 [retail]
Gokor Chivichyan Leglock Encyclopedia 5 DVD Set [retail]
Gokor Chivichyan Leglock Encyclopedia 1-5 on 1 dvd [compilation]
Frank Shamrock: Advanced Submissions vol 1-4 [retail]
Frank Shamrock -The Ultimate home Workout [retail]
Frank Trigg: Ground and Pound [2 dvds] [retail]
Helio Soneca - No Gi Half Guard
Imanari Masakazu: Grappling Super Teqniques [retail]
Jiu-Jitsu Cookbook [retail]
Josh Barnett - Attacking the Guard [retail]
Josh Barnett's Catch Wrestling [retail]
Karo Parisian: Judo for MMA
Karo Parisian: Judo for MMA [retail][3 dvds]
Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers [2 dvd] [retail]
Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes [2 dvd] [retail]
Mario Sperry Secrets of Submission Grappling [Vol 1-6 on 1 dvd]
Malaipet: Muay Thai Clinch [Retail]
Marcello Garcia New Game Jiu-Jitsu [6 dvds in 1]
Marcello Garcia Series 1 [No-Gi Jiu-jitsu] [6 dvds in 1]
Marcio Feitosa Instructional [2 Dvd] [Retail] [Gi & No Gi]
Marcus Vinicius Di Lucia - No Gi grappling [retail] – missing. Check to see if I found it
Sambo MMA Leg Attacks 2 DVD Set by Scott Sonnon [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline More Russian Kettlebell Challenges [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Relax into Stretch [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Resilient Advanced Kettlbell drills [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline From Russia with Tough Love (Kettlebells for Women)[retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Power to the People! [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Super Joints [retail]
Ryan Hall - How to Master the Triangle Choke
Ricardo De La Riva Ultimate Street Fighter [4 DVD Set]
The Rythim of Akido [retail]
Sakuraba: Gim-mick [jap] [retail]
Serra Jiu-Jitsu 1-4 [1 Dvd Slightly Lower Quality]
Serra Jiu-Jitsu 1-4 [Retail] [4 Dvds]
Shinya Aoki: Super Grappling Teqniques [Jap with eng subtitles]
Team Quest Strength & Conditioning DVD
The Secrets of Chute Boxe [Featuring Shogun and Ninja Rua] [6 dvds] [retail]
X-Training with Randy Couture [2 Dvds] [Retail]
Ronaldo "Jacare" BJJ GI Instructional 2 Dvd Set [Retail]
Lyoto Machida - Machida-do Karate for Mixed Martial Arts 4 Dvd set [Retail]
Fade to Black with Brandon Quick [3 dvds on 1]
R.EF.S.: Officiating Refferee Instructional
R.EF.S.: Officiating Judging Instructional

Bas Rutten"s MMA Career - 3 Dvd Set [retail]
Bas Rutten's MMA Career
Best of ADCC [2 Disc] [Retail]
Best of Deep [2 dvds] [retail]
Best of Shooto 2006 Vol 1
Best of Shooto 2007 Vol 1 [retail] [Dvd-9]
Best of Superbrawl
Best of TKO
Besy of Pancrase [2 dvd] [retail]
Brutal Ko's of Muay Thai
Felony Fights Vol. 1 - 4
Genki Sudo Special Dvd [2007][retail]
Genki Sudo: Mma Career
Hook n' Shoot: Greatest Hits
K-1 10th Aniversary [6 dvds] [retail]
Mirko Crocop MMA Career [dvd-9]
Muay Thai Ring Girls (Featuring Gina Carano)
Roy Jones Career Highlights
Rumina Sato: Mma career
Tank Abbot MMA Career [dvd-9]
The Sparring Chronicles [retail]
Wanderlei Silva: The Early Years [retail]
ZST 2 [Retail] [Dvd-9]
ZST 3 : 3rd Aniversary [Retail] [Dvd-9]
ZST Battlefield [Retail] [Dvd-9]

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