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A political sub-forum would definitely be interesting, however, with the past experiences this forum has had with any sort of political discussion, it could very well turn out bad.

One of the problems when it comes to debating politics on this forum, is that mainly people debate over MMA, and when you debate about something like MMA, a lot of favoritism comes into play, and a lot of the time posters will end up disliking a certain poster, or not see eye to eye. In my own observations, it's these people who end up causing political/religion threads to close, cause they already do not like said poster(s) from heated MMA discussion, and they transfer that into those topics and that leads to them being closed after it all goes south. It would be difficult to manage, even in a controlled setting.

It's an interesting idea, and, sometime in the future I think it would be interesting to "test" this idea, as in create a few test threads in the lounge or something, but as for an entire sub-forum, it's a bit premature to do it as of yet because of the past experiences with such topics.

We'll keep it on the list of things to check out and work on, though.
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