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Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
I agree with toxic, Political Forum is a bad idea, when it comes to politics people can't/won't except someone elses opinion on a certain subject and it ends up turning into a crapfest of name calling...
That's not always the case.

Originally Posted by WestCoastPoutin View Post
ARe you telling me the other forums discuss politics like adults?
In my experience, NOBODY discusses politics as adults when its over the internet. Im part of other forums as well, and it ALWAYS spills into the other sub-forums.

If you think one guy is a douche because of his political views, you're still gonna think he's a douche when he's discussing MMA.

Also, if every other forum you are part of has a Politics forum, doesnt that satisfy your need to discuss it?
Once again, that's not true. There are some people that can't handle the heat, but they don't last very long anyway.

I'd also like to let everyone know that the other forum I'm referring to with the politics forum has over 1,000,000 members! I honestly don't think it'd be a problem here, if kept under control.
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