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Muay Thai

Skipping, 3 round shadowboxing, 4 rounds sparring, did well. Actually felt alright. Kajan turned it into a wrestling class. Techinque was defending the single leg, kick trapped leg out and around their thigh, hop around so you're facing the same direction, nearest arm whizzers, other arm grabs wrist, kick out and control back. When their head is on the outside, push at their head and trap to create space, straightening trapped leg, then grab their far arm above the elbow and under their nearest leg, lift the leg, pull the arm, stick your chest out and drive them sideways to the ground. Drilled this stuff. Tired but I felt suprisingly alright.

Judgement call on training vs. rest tomorrow. Will definitely get some saturday and sunday though, no more heavy lifting until after the fight, and my gi got ripped apart in the tournament so I'm out till my new one gets in. God damn it's a nice gi.

Blood and piss work has been taken care of. Full physical to be done on may 15th. Gotta book some time off work.

22 days till fight.
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