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why not do a full body workout on whichever days you choose try to pick one exercise for each major musle group but stay clear of training to failure.

day 1
bench press 5x5 (chest/upper body)
bent over rows 5x5 (arms/lats)
dumbell or kettlebell swings 5x5 (nearly all back)
squats 5x5 (legs)
windmills 5x5 (core)

day 2
over head press 5x5 (chest/upper body)
renegade rows 5x5 (arms/lats)
dumbell or kettlebell snatches 5x5 (nearly all back )
pistols 5x5 (indidual legs)
turkish get ups 5x5 (core)

this routine is similar to some of mike mahlers.
if u want to add an extra day reapeat day 1
search on the internet and find out substitutes for the exercises above and substitue them in after 4-6 weeks and change round the reps and sets around the same time.
this workout is done rather quickly just make sure you dont over train
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