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Okay, I am a personal trainer so listen up!

all the answers are already here however i will sum them up for you.

1. You cant lose 'pec fat' or 'ass fat' or 'leg fat' or 'tummy fat' you just have a certain amount of fat and ur body decides where to store it according to ur genetics, (ie. ur sex and body type)
2. Drink more water! U need 1 litre of water for every 25 kilos of body weight. thats not including what u drink when u exercise
3. Dont drink soft drinks or sports drinks (sports drinks are good, but not for losing weight)
4. Do high weight low rep lifts (until failure), this will spike ur metabolism and cause u to burn more calories while u sit on ur ass
5. Do cardio!
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY expend more energy than u consume, eat less Kj than u exert.

If u want to add mass then it is opposite eat more than u exert (also cardio not as important but do it anyway or you'll be huge, strong, and puffing when u walk up stairs) and weight train the same!

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